Connectedness to One Another

I have been interested in meditation for many years but have always struggled with concerns about not doing it “right”, lacking commitment to practice, and choosing a direction. There are so many varieties of meditation. I would read and practice an array of styles of meditation but never felt like I was getting any traction in developing continuity or maturity in my practice.

I heard about the Cenla Meditation Group and started attending regularly. There are specific factors that I encountered in this group that have helped to grow my understanding and practice. Those factors are implemented every time that we meet together and include the following: teaching and guidance, meditation practice together as a group, discussion, and fostering a sense of loving kindness toward ourselves, one another, and the world.

Meeting weekly helps to develop a sense of accountability and connectedness to one another. Meditating with others does not erase the challenges of practice, but it has changed the way that I relate to meditation.

– Regina Irvin

1 thought on “Connectedness to One Another

  1. Teresa F

    Thanks to Regina for putting into words, what I cannot express about Cenla Meditation. The discussions the group share has taught me that there is no right way to meditate, and that meditation itself can come in many forms. I’ve gotten outside of my comfort zone on several occasions, most recently practicing with my eyes open. And I’ve greatly benefitted from the venture. I look forward to the Tuesday night meetings, and hope to see more meetings in the future and more new faces.



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